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Description :


Lubricant Protect Against Trauma 

  • Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel provides a protective layer to ensure the smooth passage of the
    catheter or instrument through narrow parts of the urethra.

Syringe With Smooth Nozzle

  • The syringe enables distribution of the lubricating gel in a continuous even flow along the urethra.
    The smooth nozzle minimises the risk of trauma to the urethral opening.

Single Use Sterile Package

  • Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel is presented in a single use, sterile package to facilitate Aseptic
    Non Touch Technique during catheterisation.

Cost Effective Solution

  • Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel is a cost effective solution enabling Clinicians to achieve
    significant savings, while also ensuring best possible outcomes for the patients.
  • Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel minimises the risk of pain, infection and trauma by providing an
    effective lubricant that contains antiseptics to reduce the risk of infection and a local anaesthetic
    to reduce pain during the procedure.

Packing: 10PC /BOX
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