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Type Product Code No. Size of adhesive part Size of Absorpive Part
2 16921 50mm x 65mm 20mm x 40mm
3 16922 80mm x 100mm 40mm x 70mm
4 16923 100mm x 125mm 55mm x 75mm
6 16825 100mm x 200mm 55mm x 150mm
7 16926 100mm x 250mm 55mm x 200mm
8 16927 100mm x 300mm 55mm x 240mm

Adhesive Island Dressing


  • Pad Attached Air Permeable/ Waterproof Film Dressing
  • The flexible backing film enables tight application without being wrinkled. Contamination from the outside and the effects of moisture are effectively blocked
  • Once the rayon pad absorbs the exudate, it curls to prevent its pad from adhering to the wound surface
  • The transparent adhesive part enables easy observation of the absorbed exudate
  • EOG Sterilized
  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive
  • Non Adherent Pad
  • Water proof/Drip Proof

Fields of Application:

  • Sterile treatment of post operative wounds, injuries sustained in accidents,or
  • Minor cuts and adrasions
  • In minimally invasive surgery
  • Protection against secondary infection
  • For covering wounds, e.g. in the shower



S-C-A05-16921MULTI FIX-PAD, TYPE 2 (50MM X 65MM)
e-Perolehan: : 42311527000000081I (BALUTAN FILEM LUTSINAR 6.5CM X 5CM)
S-C-A05-16922MULTI FIX-PAD, TYPE 3 (80MM X 100MM)
e-Perolehan: : 42311527003000001Q - BALUTAN FILEM LUTSINAR
S-C-A05-16923MULTI FIX-PAD TYPE 4 (100MM X 125MM)
e-Perolehan: : 42311527000000001Q [BALUTAN FILEM LUTSINAR]
S-C-A05-16925MULTI FIX-PAD TYPE 6 (100MM X 200MM)
e-Perolehan: : 423115270000000000 - BALUTAN FILEM LUTSINAR
S-C-A05-16926MULTI FIX-PAD TYPE 7 (100MM X 250MM)
e-Perolehan: : 423115270030000D1I ( BALUTAN FILEM LUTSINAR LUTSINAR)
S-C-A05-16924MULTI FIX-PAD, TYPE 5 (80MM X 150MM)20PSC/ BOX
Brand: Alcare, Japan