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Drainage after Operation

  • By opening and closing the domed cap, it is possible to observe and treat the wound without removing the appliance.
  • The domed cap can protect the wound from the external impact.
  • A piece of drainage pouch can sufficiently manage 3 to 5 days drainage form the drain.
  • Gamma-ray sterilized, Skin Barrier, Water-Proof / Drip-Proof
S-C-A05-15671SURGIDRAIN OPEN-TOP (Post-Op-M) - 205mmX130mm; 50mm2 PCS / BOX
S-C-A05-15681SURGIDRAIN OPEN-TOP (S) - 175mmX110mm; 30mm2 PCS / BOX
S-C-A05-15682SURGIDRAIN OPEN-TOP (M) - 205mmX130mm; 50mm2 PCS / BOX
S-C-A05-15683SURGIDRAIN OPEN-TOP (L) - 235mmX150mm; 80mmX60mm2 PCS / BOX
S-C-A05-15684SURGIDRAIN OPEN-TOP (LL) - 280mmX219mm; 150mmX70mm2 PCS / BOX
Brand: Alcare, Japan
e-Perolehan: 4231210800E0200000 - KANTUNG DRAINASE LUKA SURGIDRAIN OPEN-TOP (M) Alcare