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Specification(Ostomy Bag Size*)

Contents Per Box
M 16621 300mm X 150mm 10 pcs
L 16622 300mm X 150mm 10 pcs
65 16623 300mm X 150mm 10 pcs

Colostomy/ileostomy bag, Transparent

  • This system is drainable bag (open ended type) without a deodorizing filter stoma bag. 
  • In the case of securer attchment is needed, YOUCARE TRUNK BELT is available
  • Ostomy bag size: 300mm X 150mm
S-C-A05-16621YOUCARE 2D - TYPE M, CLEAR (300MM X 150MM)10PCS/BOX
S-C-A05-16622YOUCARE 2D - TYPE L, CLEAR (300MM X 150MM)10PCS/BOX
S-C-A05-16623YOUCARE 2D - TYPE 65, CLEAR (300MM X 150MM)10PCS/BOX
Brand: Alcare, Japan
e-Perolehan: 423121040020000033 - BEKALAN KOLEKSI OSTOMI DISPOSABLE COLOSTOMY BAG 2 colors