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  • Easy to install and operate on PC or Laptop
  • Assessment and training tool. Designed for the clinician in mind. Can be used by the patient for home training.
  • PC database system for patients sessions and home compliance storage
  • Data from the NeuroTrac STIM/EMG device are being sent one way to the PC/Laptop using the safe fibre optic connection. This ensures the patient cannot get an electrical shock from the PC/Laptop connected to the mains.
  • Single or dual channel EMG data and Neuromuscular Stimulation (ETS) monitoring and storage.
  • Individual structured patient EMG template design.
  • Structured protocols for consistency of patient evaluation
  • Comprehensive treatment and printed Progress Reports.
  • Download & maintenance of the home compliance data from MyoPlus
  • Displays stimulation time and EMG between STIM Work periods which is particularly useful for the correct using of stimulation.
  • Display EMG as low as 0.2uV and up to 2000uV
  • Designed to be used for a wide range of physiotherapy applications.
  • Analysis statistics, records and prints off comprehensive reports of work/rest averages, onset muscle contraction and release time, peak value, work/ rest standard deviations, average current used and stimulation time.


  • Operating system: Microsoft Wondows 8/7/Vista/XP with monitor 800 x 600 px or wider
  • Accessories: USB Adaptor, Fiber Optic cable, Installation or Upgrade CD, manual
Brand: Verity, UK
Packing: 1 SET
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