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Product Purpose:
Standardised tool for the assessment of the cognitive skills of people who have had a brain injury

Product Description:

  • The D.L.O.T.C.A (Dynamic Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment) Battery is a cognitive battery of tests for both primary assessment and ongoing evaluation in the occupational therapy of brain injured patients.
  • The DLOCTA Battery has proved to be reliable and valid in providing the therapist with a profile of patient's cognitive abilities, which is necessary for planning treatment.
  • It consists of 20 sub-test divided into four areas: orientation, visual and spatial perception, visual motor organisation and thinking operations.
  • The battery has been standardised for the age range20-70 years using traumatic barin injury and CVA patients within a control group.
  • The battery's validity is further supported by the development age standards determined from a sample of 120 children aged 6-12 years, which show age progression according to the hierarchical order of the abilities assessed by the Battery.
  • The DLOCTA Battery contains: card decks, coloured blocks, peg and pegboard set, scissors, 56 page manual and other materials, all packed in a carry case.
  • Dimension: Case: 340 x 250 x 80mm (13¼ x 9¾ x 3¼) Weight: 2.1kg (4½lb)

Packing: 1 SET
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