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Medical Body Composition Analyzer With Optional Ultrasonic Height Measurement


  • Unique accuracy through whole body MRI validation (skeletal muscle mass) and 4C model (fat mass)
  • Handrail with fixed handle positions: Measurements are reproducible and reliable
  • Validation studies are bundled and transparently published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013/2017, among others
  • Comprehensive, personalized normal ranges based on over 3,000 multiethnic subjects
  • Foot-mounted LEDs embedded in the platform show the various positions and give patients a sense of safety and orientation
  • Cloud-based software with easy understandable graphics guarantees a complete picture of the body composition
  • Optional: Precise and contactless height measurement in seconds using the latest ultrasonic technology
  • EMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any electronic medical record system or printer

Technical Data: 

  • Capacity : 360 kg / 800 lbs
  • Graduation: 50 g / 0.1 lbs
  • Display type: 4.3" tiltable and rotable touchscreen
  • Interfaces: WiFi, Ethernet
  • Ports: USB for barcode scanner
  • Measurement:  method 8-point Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
  • Measurement duration:  24 second

    **include 5 years cloud subcription
Brand: SECA
Packing: 1 UNIT

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